Consulting and Ordering

Consulting and Ordering

Types of machine woven carpet

700-shoulder carpet:
Mahsan Carpet Ariana 700-shoulder carpet with variety and beauty in the colors used and high quality acrylic yarn with a density of 2550 is one of the best in the carpet industry in Iran.

1000-shoulder carpet:

1000-shoulder carpet of Yalda Kavir with a variety of colors, designs and maps is one of the best-selling Iranian carpets that is produced with a density of 3000 and woven by modern machines in the world.


1200-shoulder carpets are divided into two categories: non-embossed and embossed (high-heeled). This type of carpet has many fans with the highest variety in color, design and design, and is suitable for any taste.

Production method

Machine carpet is produced by various machines, which can be referred to as Taksima, Vandville, Alpha, CRX, ASR, VTR, and machines. Each rug can also be made of acrylic or BCF and a mixture of the two, or new synthetic fibers (polyester). It is noteworthy that 100% acrylic carpets have a higher quality and price, but synthetic silk carpets are currently considered as the best flooring in global markets due to the lack of very easy filling and washing, and high stability and radiance. The shoulders are divided into 350, 440, 500, 700, 1000, 1200, and 1500 combs. The density of carpets can also be between 700 and 4500 depending on the type of machine and comb. A new type of machine-made carpet called embossed flower machine-made carpet is also being produced, the mechanism of production of which is that one or two yarns of carpet fibers have the property that their length is reduced during the process of heat setting (steaming) And reducing the length of sleep makes the overall appearance of the carpet stand out. These carpets are called high back carpets.

کفپوش پارکت لمینت

مزایای استفاده از کفپوش لمینت کفپوش های لمینت دارای مزایا زیادی هستند: در ساخت کفپوش های لمینت از مواد قابل بازیافت استفاده شده که این مواد دوست دار طبیعت هستند. همچنین برای ساخت آن ها از درخت کمتری استفاده شده است. شما به راحتی می توانید بدون هیچ آسیبی ان ها را از یک مکان به مکان دیگر منتقل کنید. نصب آن ها آسان می باشد تنوع رنگ و طرح های بی نظیری دارند

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