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History of Iranian red carpetChose a red carpet for home decorationBuy Iranian red machine-made carpet

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History of Iranian red carpet

Red in psychology expresses power,self-confidence and glory.From ancient times the red color is used for the clothes of the aristocrcy and the luxuries of the royal families.In the past,the red carpet was melery an indication of the path taken by the heads of state in ceremonies and in the distant past,the red carpet in cluded a path from the entrance of the hall to the throne all official traveled at spread the word or meet with the ruler.

Today,red carpets are still used in ceremonia mezzanines,screenings and festivals.Considering the history for the red carpet and its amazing impact on cultural,political and… we can use this element in smaller dimensions with design science in home decoration.

Buy red carpets


Chose a red carpet for home decoration

If you want to buy a red carpet for your home,it is better to pay attention to the decoration and furniture of your home.In order for your home decoration to look beautiful and hormonious,you should be more careful in choosing furniture and other items.The red carpet itself attracts enough attention.Modern Iranian furniture and red carpet create a combination of classic and classic style decoration,it is better to use red complementary color,in green or neutral colors such as white,gray,cream and black for furniture,curtains and other items.The right color combination in home decoration and reception decoration is an important principle for correct and correct arrangment and design.

Buy red carpets

Buy Iranian red machine-made carpet

In general,red is a very warm and attractive color that attracts the attention of very viewer.In decoration it is impassible that there is no red color,there fore,the exictence of Iranian red carpet for classic home decoration is very dazzling and attractive,Red machine-made carpets are woven in (comb) type and three colors,700 combs,1000 combs and 1200 combs and in three colors,light red,lacquerand and crimson.

Due to the comb and density,the delicacy of the pattern of the carpets increases and the more comb and density it has,the higher the price.To buy the best and most beautiful Iranian machine-made carpets in various designs of 700 combs to 1200 combs,and in various dimensions with a very reasonable price,get in touch with us to offer you the best and most beautiful Iranian machine carpets.

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Mahsan Carpet Ariana Trading Company invites you to buy the best machine-woven carpet.

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