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What is an Iranian carpet like?Types of Iranian machine-made carpetsBuy cheap Iranian machine-made carpets

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What is an Iranian carpet like?

When is comes to Iranian identity and culture,carpet is undoutedly one of the most prominent examples of culture and it is safe to say that you will see less houses in Iran and even in some countries.where there is no carpet on the floor or wall.In the past,hand-woven carpets were used,but today,whit the advent of machine-made carpets,most of them have been directed towards such carpets,because they have both good quality and elegance and cheaper price.Iran is one of the most advanced countries active in the machine-made carpet idustry.

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Types of Iranian machine-made carpets

Carpets are woven in different types.When buyind a carpet one of the dimensions in which the types of machine-made carpets are examined in that mold,the material of the carpet is density and shoulder,which have another world and its design,role and price.

  1. Density and comb:An important feature of machine-made carpets when shopping pay attention to the comb and the density of the carpet,which are currently woven in different combs and densities.In cluding 700 combs which a density of 2550 or 3000,1000 combs with a density of 3000,1200 combs with a density of 3600 and 1500 combs with a density 4550,which is the most common product of machine-made carpets and the higher the comb and density of the carpet,the higher its price.
  2. Gender,design and role:Machine-made carpets are mostly woven in two types of yarn fibers,polyester and acrylic which is the best fiber of acrylic yarn,also,different designs and patterns which different colors have been used in carpets.

Buy carpets best price

Buy cheap Iranian machine-made carpets

In the past,when the first device was made,the carpets made were not of high quality.But with the advent of new knitting machines,the quality of carpets increased.Iranian machine-made carpets in terms of quality and elegance with other countries active in this field,such as:Turkey,India,China and Belgium are equal,but in terms of price it can be said that it is cheaper.But in general,to check more reasonable prices,the best solution is to inquire directly from manufacturers and suppliers.

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